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We created a workshop for you about communication, differences and similarities, and how to live together in a friendly and peaceful world.
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Communication Tips

NEW: Religion and religious education in schools
Yes, it happens in other countries as well, so as an example let’s have a look at this...
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“Just don’t interrupt...”
Please interrupt people in “Step aside - there is a truck driving towards you”, “Save the drowning bee in your water glass!” and “The dog has to be cuddled urgently!” cases... And in most other cases it is rude and a sign of bad manners.
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Thank you or
Just for the statistics: Would it really hurt that much...?!
We have gone for a walk - along the scenic route at the sewage works.
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What do  you want to teach your opponent’s children?
You are a  teacher. Children (and adults) learn by experiencing your actions and  the consequences of your actions. So you are a teacher - if you want to  or not.
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Exercise: How we can work miracles…! / “Yes, I can”
You are looking for an exercise which could make a difference in your communication - and maybe cause a change to the better for your whole life?
Ok, here it is one:
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Phonological ambiguities or
Give peas a chance!
One of my favourite ways to have fun with communication are phonological ambiguities.
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The secret of how to give a successful lecture - a beginner’s course
Here you get the five most important tips for giving a successful lecture - and a very friendly and interested audience for your practice!
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Exercise: Knowledge is power! / “Yes, I know!”
Most crises are followed by a bunch of people proclaiming that they didn’t know about it. Of course they would have saved the situation if they just had known. Well, in some cases this might be true. In some it might not.
So here is a new exercise for you which will protect you from this!
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Exercise: Criticism of others or Draw in your stings!
This exercise will make a huge difference in your communication because you can learn to change destructive, unjustified criticism in productive and helpful feedback.
So it is worth some effort at the beginning. Just try it and find out which benefits you will gain from it!
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Both of us love pizza... or
Find the least common denominator
If you are in a dispute with someone and try to find a way out, search for the least common denominator. There is always one! Use the similarities as starting point for finding a satisfying solution for both of you.
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A Smile is the least common denominator of communication!
All over the world is the facial expression of smiling nearly the same. It belongs to the universal human vocabulary! Therefor Smiling is an intelligent start of international communication - irrespective of nationality, colour of skin, wealth, gender, age, and even religion. And you even get an extra bonus again...!
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Exercise: Self-criticism or the secret of how to be your own best friend
Isn’t it amazing that most people are much friendlier to their friends than to themselves? And  most of them even believe themselves - and then start to feel and act correspondingly.
So here I have a very valuable exercise for you:
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An easy way to settle down most disputes
We found out that sometimes there is a very easy way to settle down a dispute: Find out if the disagreement is caused by a different opinion about the topic of your conversation – or if it is just caused by a difference in the presentation. Do you really have contrary points of view about the content – or do you just don’t like the way your conversational partner presents his aims?
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Look Who's Talking
Sometimes it can be very useful if you think about who said something.
Is it someone with a huge knowledge about what he is talking? Does he have any proofs of competence? Can he give reasons for his opinion? Or is it just someone with too much time and self-confidence?
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Exercise: Silence is golden - mute communication
Absolutely the best way to enhance your communication!
After researching for years now developing ways for people to improve their communication here is the one which is the best:
Don’t talk! Don’t Talk? Yes! At all? Yes! That’s tough! Oh yes!
Read how to do it, some few of my own experiences, what you need or get through this project, the benefits for you, and some more tips!
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8 easy steps how to console someone
It’s always good to know how to console a hurt or shocked or just kind of sad person. Makes live easier – for you and the people around you. Somehow we find a lot of people on the streets who need first aid, sometimes children, sometimes adults. And they all have something in common: They are much more excited than they want to. And it is easy to console them.
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To ease is a lot easier
Have you ever said something because you were too discomposed?
In hindsight it seemed to be unproductive and not friendly? And it was no fun at all, right…?!
You can change that behaviour. There are several ways to react more relaxed in stressful situations. And they are more or less easy!
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Self-perception: Do you really do what you wanted to do?
Probably you know the phrase “to put yourself into someone else’s shoes”. Nice metaphor – in the usual use completely inoperative. And in my
(Meike’s) case it would probably very uncomfortable for you to wear my shoes, because one of my feet is smaller than the other. So it would be a tough thing to try to put yourself into my shoes. And here are the good news:
To try this communication tip is much easier!
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‘A mote it is to trouble the mind’s eye.’ or
‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.’
The look of two people at each other’s eyes at the same time can be wonderful – or a horrible disaster… Probably you know both from your own experience. Flirting or aggressive starring, both is possible. Tricky thing.
So what can we do? Here are my suggestions.
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Be prepared
If I want to talk to somebody in a most comfortable way for both of us I like to be as much prepared as possible!
So here is my communication tip:
Find out whatever you can about your conversational partner. Not necessarily his national security number or size of shoe - but try to ascertain what is really important for him.
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Use your ‘but’ – but just if you really want to!
This tiny word ‘but’ causes many problems in communication – and here is the good news: You can solve them easily!
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Modal Operators
Language is wonderful!
It gives us the possibility to impress what we do - and furthermore the possibility to modify how an activity is done and how important it is for us! And that’s where Modal Operators come into play.
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The secret of paying someone a compliment
Almost everybody loves to get compliments. It’s very helpful for your communication for several reasons, and it is easy to pay someone a good compliment if you know how!
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Take a stand – and then stay flexible
/ “Yes, I care!”
One of the biggest problems in communication is indifference. It causes a loss of time, energy and a huge loss of sympathy.
So here is my easy exercise to overcome this problem. You can do it for a day, a week or for the rest of your life.
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I love you!
Here are the translations of “I love you!” in many languages:
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