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for communication and teamwork

Here you find a growing list of the games we developed to enhance friendly and effective communication skills and teamwork - and have a lot of fun as well!
You can play the games with children, youths, adults, and groups with participants of mixed ages, too.

Small chasing Tall
We got you a strategic running crouching laying speedily thinking evaluating cleverly negotiating and happily giggling game.

Play “Small chasing Tall”

Smile at bears
creating a fabulous atmosphere..., overcoming preconceptions, being there for others, smiling as a form of communication

Play “Smile at bears”

Dwarfs, Giants & Fairies
communication, free choice of attitude of your group, being a responsible team member

Play “Dwarfs, Giants & Fairies”

Bunny, sit!
free choice of position at any time, attention to the needs of others

Play “Bunny, sit!”

Tug of Peace - Rope pushing
teamwork, communication and creativity

Play “Tug of Peace - Rope pushing”

Chasing Mammoths
join and leave a group of people voluntarily, teamwork, communication

Play “Chasing Mammoths”

Gravity Wand Game
teamwork and communication

Play “Gravity Wand Game”



Just for fun:
Play our online games!



Get the highest score!
Remove the stones from the field by putting together 3 or more of the same colour.

Play the game! Spiel starten!

The more stones in you put together in a group, the more points you’ll get. In higher levels, you can use special stones and “bombes” to help you out. The game’s speed increases each level. Have fun!



Play the Game! Spiel starten


I’m packing my suitcase. I’m taking... Try packing your suitcase with all the right items in the right order.

Computer Adventure

Play the Game! Spiel starten!

Collect computers and diskettes and hunt viruses!
Use the arrow Keys to move. Collect all disks, computers, and laptops. Use the Antivirus symbol to get the viruses.

Super mind
challenging -

Use your reasoning skills to find the right sequence.
In 10 guesses, figure out the correct order to the hidden colours.
You get a silver marker for each correctly guessed colour. You get a gold marker for each correctly guessed colour that is also in the right position.
Please note: A gold marker at position 1 does not mean that the colour is correct in position 1. The gold marker only tells you how many colours are correct and in the right position.

Useful translations:
  • “Wählen Sie Ihre Farben und klicken Sie auf OK” = “Sellect your colours and click OK”
  • “Farben dürfen sich nicht wiederholen” = “Colours cannot be repeated”

  • Play The Game! Spiel starten!






    Play the game! Spiel starten!

    Put the puzzle back in the correct order. You can select the number of shuffle moves.
    If you need help, view each puzzle piece’s number. The number will show for a brief time.

    Useful translations:
    • New Game = Neues Spiel
    • Shuffle move = Mixanzahl
    • Mix puzzle = Puzzle mischen
    • Show number = Zahlen anzeigen
    • Time = Zeit
    • Moves = Bewegungen
    • Prima = Great
    • Punkte = Points
    • Highscore = High scores
    • Tragen Sie hier Ihren Namen ein = Type in your name
    • Abbrechen = Cancel
    • Senden = Send

    Siggi in the big sea horse race

    You are Siggi the blue sea horse and you missed the start of the race.

    Play the Game! Spiel starten!

    Try to make up for lost time and get over the finish line first. Use the arrow Keys to move. Try to swim through the air bubbles. You will receive the number of points in them. Stay away from the jellyfish! If you touch one, you’ll get an electric shock and you will loose points. Watch out for the clams. If one bites you, you’ll loose points and go slower. The race lasts 100 seconds. There is a time bonus for finishing the race faster.

    Remember 4 Colours

    Play the game! Spiel starten!

    The computer will show you a random colour sequence. Click on the colours in the same sequence. After each correct round, another colour is added.
    How many colours can you remember?

    Play the game! Spiel starten!


    Each symbol has a tone. Click on the symbol to hear its tone and match up pairs of tones.

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